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Welcome to Chamberlain Dental Health located in Bountiful

Dr. Chamberlain is an established bountiful dentist and offers a variety of services for optimal dental health. We treat our patients with the best of care, the best quality, and the best treatment. Call today! 801-292-3501
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Dr. Chamberlain has over 15 years experience as a Dentist currently serving the Bountiful Utah and surrounding areas. Learn more about why Dr. Chamberlain is the right dentist for your family.Learn More
Our dental office is conveniently located on 500 South in Bountiful Utah. Feel free to stop in, we’d love to meet you and build together your dental health. Contact us for more information.View Location
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What Patients Say

I’m SO impressed with D. Chamberlain and his staff–warm, friendly, and up-to-date with the newest technologies/methods. I particularly liked the way in which each staff member explained step-by-step what she was doing. Dr. Chamberlain did the same as we looked at x-rays together. Thanks!
Stacey G.
Dr. Chamberlain is fantastic!  Very kind, knowledgable, and an amazing dentist.  Thank you so much!
Jason W.
Dear Dr. Chamberlain, I want to thank you for the most outstanding dental treatment you always provide for me and Steve!  I was so impressed with your extreme fairness in replacing my broken crown with a gold one. Thank you, thank you!!!  You are so awesome, kind and the very BEST!
Mary Butters
We both have been most pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Chamberlain.  He explained most carefully and fully explained the necessary procedures and the reasons and costs for the same.  We highly recommend the services of Dr. Chamberlain and his team!  Thank you
Winslow & Marlene Young