Best answer: Is dentist a noun or adjective?

DENTIST (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is dentist a noun?

(uncountable) The field of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions of the teeth and oral cavity. (countable) A dental surgery, an operation on the teeth. … (countable) A place where dental operations are performed.

Is dentist an adjective?

of or concerning the teeth: dental care. of or concerning dentistry. made with the tongue touching the teeth: dental fricative.

What is the adjective form of dentist?

dentistlike. Resembling or characteristic of a dentist.

Is dentist an abstract noun?

Mom and My Sister are heading to the dentist for a cleaning. Dentist is Abstract or Concrete noun​ yadavpradip114 is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points.

Is noun a noun?

A noun is a word that refers to a thing (book), a person (Betty Crocker), an animal (cat), a place (Omaha), a quality (softness), an idea (justice), or an action (yodeling). It’s usually a single word, but not always: cake, shoes, school bus, and time and a half are all nouns.

What is a dentist office called?

A dental clinic is a place where a dentist performs oral health treatments and dental procedures. All the necessary dental tools and equipment are typically housed in a single room.

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What’s another word for dentist?


  • dental surgeon.
  • endodontist.
  • exodontist.
  • orthodontist.
  • pedodontist.
  • periodontist.
  • prosthodontist.
  • tooth fairy.

How do you spell dentist office?

A dentist’s office is the room or house where a dentist works.

What is the adjective of chill?

chill. Moderately cold or chilly. (slang) Calm, relaxed, easygoing.

What is the adjective form of hero?

heroical. / (hɪˈrəʊɪk) / adjective. of, like, or befitting a hero.

What is the adjective of loveliness?

Lovable on account of beauty; lovely; beautiful; winsome. Marked or characterised by love; loving; manifesting love or affection; affectionate; friendly. Amorous; romantic.