Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program cover dental?

Get nationwide dental coverage with free in-network preventive care including three free cleanings a year plus no deductibles for in-network services like fillings and root canals.

Does Fepblue include dental?

Free in-network preventive care, including up to three dental cleanings a year. A large nationwide network with over 488,000 provider access points.

Does FEP basic cover dental?

Stay in-network for care. Basic Option gives you access to our Preferred provider network that includes 96% of hospitals and 95% of doctors in the U.S.

Basic Option Benefits.

Basic Option
Chiropractic Care $30 copay per treatment; up to 20 visits per year1
Dental Care $30 copay per evaluation; up to 2 per year

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield have a dental plan?

As a Blue Cross Community Health Plans member, you receive dental coverage. BCCHP works with DentaQuest* to provide you with dental care. Visit the DentaQuest site to choose an in-network dentist.

Does Fepblue cover oral surgery?

Major services, which include endodontic services such as root canals; periodontal services such as gingivectomy; major restorative services such as crowns, oral surgery, and bridges; and prosthodontic services such as complete dentures. Orthodontic services are also included for both children and adults.

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Does insurance cover dental implants?

Basic dental insurance policies don’t typically cover a dental implant procedure. You’ll need to look into cosmetic dental procedure coverage, which covers a portion of dental implants. Your dental implant insurance coverage could be 50% of the cost, meaning your insurance covers half of the procedure.

What dental insurance does USPS?

The Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) is a voluntary, enrollee-pay-all dental and vision program available to Federal employees and annuitants, certain retired uniformed service members, and active duty family members.

What is the difference between Blue Cross Blue Shield basic and FEP blue focus?

FEP Blue Focus is a national PPO product but with no out-of-network benefits. The Preferred network is the same as Standard and Basic Option. Members must use Preferred providers to receive benefits. Use our National Doctor and Hospital Finder to search the directory.

What is the difference between federal Blue Cross basic and standard?

Basic Option provides coverage for preventive dental care services only, while Standard Option provides coverage for preventive dental care and some other non-routine services. FEP Blue Focus does not offer dental benefits.

What type of insurance is BCBS FEP?

Washington – Today the Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Government-wide Service Benefit Plan, also known as the Federal Employee Program® (FEP®), introduced FEP Blue FocusSM, a new coverage option for the federal workforce and retirees in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program.

Is dental included in health insurance?

Most health insurance plans don’t cover dental care. There are exceptions, as well as dental-specific insurance plans. Unfortunately, most health insurance plans do not cover dental care. It’s often covered only through separate insurance specifically for dental care.

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How much does the crown cost?

In general, a regular dental crown will cost between $1100 and $1500. However, prices will vary depending on the type of crown chosen. Fees will vary according to the treatment you need before the final crown is cemented, so if you need bone grafting, a root canal or gum surgery, the price of a crown will go up.

How do dental insurance claims work?

If services received were covered by benefits, the insurance company will pay the claim based on allotted coverages. They may pay the entire claim in full depending on their plan, otherwise, the remaining balance will be billed to the patient.

What does FEP dental mean?

Introduction. On December 23, 2004, President George W. Bush signed the Federal Employee Dental and Vision Benefits Enhancement Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-496).

Does Fehb cover vision?

If you are a Federal or U.S. Postal Service employee who is eligible to enroll in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program or the Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchange) and your position is not excluded by law or regulation, you are eligible to enroll in vision insurance.

Does Medicaid cover braces?

While there are now some dental benefits for adults with Medicaid, this does not extend to braces or orthodontics. … For children under 21, however, Medicaid will pay for the costs of braces in full if they determine that the need for braces is medically necessary.