What does the dentist notice about Elie?

After they arrive in Buna, during the medical check Elie notices that the dentist lists those that have gold in their teeth. He has a gold crown and his number, A-7713, is recorded. … Elie’s tooth is saved for a while. One day Franek, the foreman, notices Elie’s crown in his mouth.

Why does the dentist see Elie at night?

Why was Elie called to the dentist? He had a gold tooth. … He was imprisoned for dealing in gold teeth.

What was the dentist looking for in Elie’s mouth?

What does the dentist look for in the mouths of the prisoners? The dentist is looking for gold teeth in the prisoner’s mouths, and those who had it, like Elie had a gold crown, were listed by number.

What warning did the dentist give Elie?

What warning did the dentist give him? Elie repeatedly claimed he felt sick, and the dentist told him he had to come back by the end of the week to have his tooth pulled. Briefly describe the incident between Idek and Elie.

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What happened between Elie and the dentist?

Not long after Eliezer and his father arrive in Buna, Eliezer is summoned to the dentist to have his gold crown pulled. He manages to plead illness and postpone having the crown removed. Soon after, the dentist is condemned to hanging for illegally trading in gold teeth.

Why did Elie feel pity for the dentist?

Why didn’t Elie feel pity for the dentist? He disliked the dentist. He was too busy worrying about himself. He felt it was the dentist’s destiny.

How did Elie avoid the dentist?

The dentist informs Elie that he is simply going to pull out his crown. Elie avoids this by telling the dentist that he is ill. He asks the dentist to wait a few days.

Why is Eliezer summoned to the dentist how does Eliezer describe the dentist what is ironic about his appearance?

He is summoned to the dentist because he has a gold tooth and the dentist is going to extract it. The dentist has rotten yellow teeth which is ironic because dentists are the people who fix your teeth so why would you go to a dentist who has poor dental hygiene himself.

Why is Elie sent to the dentist what eventually happens to the dentist before he operates on Elie Why?

The dentist wanted to take off Elie’s gold tooth, Elie said he was ill so and kept the tooth. Later on the dentist was arrested and executed because he was found to be keeping some of the gold teeth.

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Did the dentist give Elie a gold crown for his rotten teeth?

The dentist gave Elie a gold crown for one of his rotten teeth. Q. What did Elie Wiesel do when Idek hit his father?

What ultimately happens to Elie gold crown?

What did Elie finally do with his gold crown; what was the irony of what happened? He gave up his gold crown, and was treated kindly by Franek afterward. But then Franek was transferred. … Idek put Elie on a crate and whipped him.

Why did Elie keep his gold crown?

Why does Franek want Elie’s gold crown? … Franek wants Elie’s gold crown so he can melt it down and make a profit on it. Franek went on the marches and would torment him, his father eventually made him give the crown up and letting Franek pull it with a rusty spoon.

What was Elie’s punishment for seeing IDEK with a girl?

What is Eliezer’s punishment for stumbling upon Idek and the Polish girl? He would be given 25 slashing with a whip.