What is a ball ended burnisher used for in dentistry?

Ball Burnisher Function: To smooth amalgam after condensing To contour matrix band before amalgam placement.

What is an Acorn burnisher used for?

Function: To smooth amalgam after condensing; used to creat occlused anatomy, burnish amalgam Characteristics: Acorn shaped tip, metal, single or double sided.

What is a hollenback used for dental?

Hollenback carver is a double ended, round handledental instrument used for placing, carving and countouring amalgam.

Is a burnisher a restorative instrument?

–Dental Ball Burnisher Filling Instrument with 6mm round hollow handle. It is used in restorative composite filling procedures.

What is a football burnisher?

Egg Football Burnisher is used to condense, smooth and polish amalgam. … This instrument can be used to blend your composite /amalgam/restorative material to the margin for final contouring.

What is burnishing in dental?

By definition, burnished calculus is a deposit that has had its outermost layer removed, so the surface is smooth. Burnished calculus becomes difficult to remove because the cutting edge of the instrument tends to slip over the smooth surface of the deposit. 1.

What is the condenser used for in dentistry?

Condensers – used to pack down freshly placed amalgam into the preparation. Composite Placement Instrument – used for the placement of composite restorative materials. Carvers – used to remove excess material, to contour surfaces, and to carve anatomy back into the amalgam.

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What is a wards Carver used for?

Description: Ward’s carver is a double ended, round handle dental instrument used for placing, carving and countouring amalgam.

What is GMT in dentistry?

The gingival margin trimmer (GMT) is a hatchet with two distinct differences. First, the GMT has a curved blade rather than the straight blade of the hatchet. The curved blade accentuates the lateral scraping ability of the GMT. Second, the cutting edge of the hatchet makes a 90 degree angle to the plane of the blade.

What is a composite burnisher?

Composite Burnisher: Titanium nitride coating—Creates hard, smooth, nonstick surface that resists scratching, sticking, or discoloration of composite material. 2.

What is burnisher pencil?

Product description. The Derwent Burnisher is a hard colourless pencil which when used over layers of pigment provides a rich polished finish. Burnishing pushes the pigment into the paper and leaves a well blended, photo like finish.

What is amalgam condenser?

In dentistry, a tool to compress amalgam into a cavity preparation.

What is enamel hatchet?

Description: It is a bibeveled or single beveled cutting dental hand instrument having its cutting edge in line with the axis of its blade. It is used for breaking down tooth structure undermined by caries, smoothing cavity walls, removing unsupported enamel, and sharpening line and point angles.

What does a spoon excavator do?

1. An instrument like a large sharp spoon or scoop, used to scrape out pathologic tissue. 2. dentistry An instrument, generally a small spoon or curette, used to clean out and shape a carious cavity before filling it.

What is amalgam carrier?

Amalgam carriers are instruments used to fill dental cavities with amalgam. These act like syringes, carrying in their tubular tip the amalgam that is inserted and pressed in the dental cavity by pressing on a lever, which activates the piston inside the tube or the back end of the amalgam carrier.

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