What is the best way to get used to dentures?

How can I make my dentures more comfortable?

Tips For Making Your Dentures Comfortable and Long-Lived

  1. Have realistic expectations. …
  2. Choose your denture adhesive. …
  3. Be careful when handling your dentures. …
  4. Give your mouth a break. …
  5. Clean your dentures daily. …
  6. Watch for changes in fit. …
  7. Avoid difficult-to-eat foods. …
  8. Never use too-hot water on dentures.

How do you get used to dentures for the first time?

5 Tips for First-Time Denture Wearers

  1. Never Let Your Dentures Dry Out. Your natural teeth are never dry because they are constantly bathed by the saliva in your mouth. …
  2. Brush Your Dentures. …
  3. Brush Your Gums and Tongue. …
  4. Practice Talking. …
  5. Be Prepared for Slippage.

How long does it take for your gums to get used to new dentures?

In the First 30 Days

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It takes time for your gums, cheeks, and tongue to adjust to wearing an oral appliance. However, after a couple of weeks have passed, you’ll notice fewer sore spots in your mouth and less saliva. Don’t hesitate to call our office if you need your dentures adjusted.

How long does it take to get used to wearing partial dentures?

While some patients feel adjusted after three weeks, others may not feel completely adjusted until six weeks in. Thankfully, the discomfort of wearing and eating with them can be alleviated. At Afdent, we have developed some tips on how to cope with your partial dentures.

Do you put dentures in wet or dry?

Why Keep Dentures in Water

Whenever you are not wearing your partial or full dentures, it is important to always keep them submerged in water or denture solution. Otherwise, the acrylic can dry out over time and lose its shape, causing the dentures to become brittle and not fit as well.

How do I toughen my gums for dentures?


  1. DENTURE ADHESIVE. Loose or slipping dentures can be a major cause of sore gums. …
  2. TOPICAL GEL OR CREAM. Apply a topical gel or cream that’s specifically made for oral pain relief to sore areas on your gums.
  3. SALT. …

How hard is it to get used to dentures?

Most people find it takes them about four weeks (or around a month) to adjust to their new dentures and feel completely comfortable with them. Those who undergo more comprehensive denture work will often require more time to recover and get comfortable.

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Do new dentures make you gag?

Sometimes, dentures can stimulate the gag reflex, which can make eating and speaking difficult. … Gagging is a common side effect of new dentures — it may take some time for your mouth to become accustomed to your teeth.

How can I wear my dentures without gagging?

Using a throat spray to numb the back of your mouth will help control gagging until you get used to your dentures. Brushing the area of your tongue that triggers the gag reflex helps to desensitize you from choking. If the problem persists, your dentist may need to trim your dentures.

Why can’t I chew with my dentures?

Check with your dentist to make sure your dentures fit properly – Sometimes, dentures need adjustments to create a more natural fit. If you find yourself having trouble chewing and eating even after the initial adjustment period, you should always check in with your dentist.

How many hours a day should you wear your dentures?

Wearing and Care for Dentures

Dentures need six to eight hours of rest per day to rest the tissues under them. Many people at night remove dentures, but it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for some people.

Do dentures ever feel normal?

If you want to know if your dentures will feel normal, the answer is yes. You may have recently gotten the teeth, or perhaps you are considering getting them. You might want to know what to expect. The good news is that today’s prosthetics feel more natural than ever, and you can get accustomed to them quickly.

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Should partial dentures feel tight?

While your dentures may never feel as comfortable as your natural teeth, they shouldn’t cause any discomfort. If you notice jaw soreness, uneven pressure, or other discomfort, talk to your dentist or denturist.

How can I make my partial dentures fit better?

To make the dentures fit better, visit your dentist or denturist for an adjustment. A dental professional can thin the bulk of material at the back end of the denture. They can also shorten the acrylic slightly, allowing for more distance between the end of the denture and the trigger point for your gag reflex.

Do partial dentures move when eating?

The only reason your partial denture might be falling out or wiggling around when you’re eating is because of a problem with the fit. If this is the case, schedule an appointment at Stanley Dentistry to get your partial re-fit. During your first month with a partial denture, try cutting up your food into small bites.