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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are On the Rise

//Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are On the Rise
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are On the Rise

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are On the Rise

Public health professionals, researchers and doctors have been warning us about the increasing incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in our society. We should all be concerned about this trend and have a discussion, on many different levels, to reverse it. The simplest and least expensive approach is prevention, whether that means abstinence from premarital sexual activity or appropriate barriers during sex. Personally, I believe behavioral changes towards abstinence would have the greatest and most significant impacts, not only upon the spread of STDs, but also upon individuals emotional stability, upon societal improvements, and the strengthening of the family.

Many of these STDs manifest in the mouth. As dental professionals we can identify STD lesions and initiate a conversation with the affected patient regarding behavioral changes and treatments.

A recent article published online by the American Dental Association can be read here

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