Best answer: Why did you choose dental nursing?

Working in dental nursing can provide you with a plethora of rewards and challenges, in addition to helping people and making communities healthier places. … Dental nurses work with Dentists to assist them with all aspects of patient care, from carrying out check-ups to seeing patients through operations.

Why do you want to become dental nurse answer?

Example of a good answer: I want to become a dental nurse because there are fantastic progression paths within the industry through further training. Also I am really enjoying my course and would love to gain some practical experience in a clinic environment.

What should I say in a trainee dental nurse interview?

13 dental nurse interview questions

  • Tell me about yourself. …
  • Why have you applied for a dental nurse position? …
  • Why did this position appeal to you? …
  • Why do you want to change positions? …
  • Do you work well within a team? …
  • How well did you and your previous manager get on? …
  • What contribution can you make to the company?
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What are the benefits of being a dental nurse?

Pros of Dental Assisting

  • Job growth. The predicted job growth for dental assistants is significantly stronger than the national average. …
  • Short training. …
  • Good earning potential. …
  • Working with people. …
  • Possibility of flexibility. …
  • Cons of Dental Assisting. …
  • Working near mouths. …
  • Risk for pain.

Why do you want to work in dental?

Example: “I feel that my training, internship experience, and communication skills make me a strong candidate for this position. I am confident in all of the responsibilities in the job descriptions, and my personal skills will allow me to make patients comfortable during their visit.”

What should I say in a dental interview?

Common Dental Hygienist Interview Questions

  • Tell us about yourself. …
  • Attention to detail is critical in hygienistry. …
  • How do you adapt in a fast-paced environment? …
  • How would you cope with an environment where patients are often afraid or in pain? …
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What are your strengths as a dentist?

One should avoid gossip, politics, and religion. Showing appreciation of other members of the dental team.

Job Interview: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Personality Type Strength Weakness
Amiable (Get along) Supportive Tends to conform to wishes of others
Patient No time boundaries; things do not get done

What skills do you need to be a dental nurse?

Key skills

  • Good people skills, including the ability to work with children and difficult patients.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Ability to work well in a team.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Organisation and a methodical approach to work.
  • Confidence and a calm manner.
  • Ability to multitask.
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What is the job role of a dental nurse?

Tidying and cleaning the dental surgery. Recording and filing information about patients. Advising patients on oral hygiene. Carrying out stock control.

Is dental nursing hard?

Technically, dental nursing isn’t difficult. Really, it isn’t! It’s a relatively easy job to do in comparison to, say, being an accountant or an IT engineer. The difficult part is that the surgery can get quite busy on a daily basis, and you are constantly on your feet.

Is being a dental nurse worth it?

Compared to other caring professions dental nursing is well paid and offers plenty of opportunity for continued training and development. This is great for those looking at the long-term plan for their career and those who wish to work their way up the ladder through continued learning, experience and hard work.

Is dental nursing a good course?

Dental Nurse is a very rewarding career!

Of course, there are also a lot of enjoyable factors to consider. Working as a Dental Nurse is a very rewarding career. You are part of a team, making a real difference in your patient’s lives, which covers more than just taking toothache away!

Can a dental nurse become a nurse?

There are some dental nurses, having spent time in a hospital setting, decide to use their diploma to get them onto a nursing degree.

Why do you enjoy being a dental assistant?

Many dental assistants enter the profession because they derive great joy in helping patients. They not only enhance the health of patients but help create smiles that boost patients’ confidence and self-esteem. “Every day I help improve our patients’ quality of life.

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What do you think the most valuable skill for a dental assistant is and why?

Skill #1: Interpersonal Skills – This skill helps dental assistants properly interact with patients. Dental assistants must work closely with dentists and patients. … Skill #2: Listening Skills – Dental assistants should be able to listen to patients and other healthcare workers.