Can you fix a cracked wisdom tooth?

If your dentist determines that your wisdom teeth do fit comfortably into your jaw and perform a significant role in chewing, then minor cracks or breaks can be repaired with a filling material.

How do you heal a cracked wisdom tooth?

Treatment for broken wisdom tooth

The polishing is usually done to soften the edges of the chipped wisdom tooth. Patients with a deep hole in wisdom tooth will require more specialized medical attention. If the tooth is cracked down to the core, filling may be recommended.

Is it necessary to remove broken wisdom tooth?

An opening or fracture in your wisdom tooth may allow bacteria to enter into it and cause infection. This is why it must be removed as soon as possible before any complications arise.

What happens if your wisdom tooth cracks?

Additionally, a broken or cracked wisdom tooth puts the entire tooth’s health at risk. Bacteria can invade the tooth and infect the dental pulp. In those cases, the tooth must either be extracted or given a root canal treatment. In most cases, it’s better just to remove the tooth.

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What happens if you leave a cracked tooth untreated?

An untreated cracked tooth can lead to tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and ultimately tooth loss. If you’ve cracked a tooth, it’s important to make an appointment to see Dr. Walkington as soon as you can so that it can be evaluated and treated if necessary. A cracked tooth can vary in its severity.

How much does it cost to pull a broken wisdom tooth?

Removing wisdom teeth can cost you somewhere between $75 – $250 per tooth. The impacted wisdom tooth will cost between $200 – $600. Extracting all four wisdom teeth together will cost you around $600 – $1100.

How long does it take to remove a broken wisdom tooth?

Simple procedures can take a few minutes, but it can take longer than 20 minutes if it’s more complicated.

Can a wisdom tooth crack your jaw?

The extraction of lower wisdom teeth often leads to a dental nerve injury due to the location of the inferior alveolar nerve and the lingual nerve, which run just below the apices of the lower teeth, especially the lower molars. Wisdom tooth extractions can also lead to a broken or fractured jaw.

Is a cracked tooth an emergency?

However, in the case of major tooth breakage, emergency dental care is necessary. A severe fracture is when a sizable part of the tooth is gone. This situation usually causes intense pain and, sometimes, bleeding. In this case, seeking quick dental intervention is vital.

How do you know if your wisdom teeth are rotting?


  1. Red or swollen gums.
  2. Tender or bleeding gums.
  3. Jaw pain.
  4. Swelling around the jaw.
  5. Bad breath.
  6. An unpleasant taste in your mouth.
  7. Difficulty opening your mouth.
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Can wisdom teeth fall out naturally?

Can wisdom teeth fall out naturally? This rarely happens as wisdom teeth are protected and held in place by our jaw bones. Patients with severe gum disease and bone loss around their wisdom teeth can start to feel their wisdom teeth get loose and potentially fall out on their own.

How long can you live with a cracked tooth?

How long does it take for a tooth to die? Once a tooth is damaged or decaying, it’s only a matter of time before it dies. Depending on how heavy the damage, the tooth could die within a matter of days or even a couple of months.

How serious is a cracked molar?

If left untreated, a molar crack can lead to a serious infection, a deeper fracture, or damage to surrounding teeth and gums.

What does the dentist do with a cracked tooth?

Treatment will be based on the severity of the crack. Your dentist may recommend a crown, root canal, or tooth extraction. If your dentist thinks a crown is best, a filling material can repair the crack. If the inside of your tooth is damaged, your dentist may suggest a root canal to remove the damaged tissue.