Is Ipana toothpaste still sold?

By the late 1970’s Ipana Toothpaste had been discontinued in the United States and quickly faded into history as a childhood memory. Today, Ipana toothpaste and its chief mascot Bucky Beaver are making a comeback with the help of a Canadian manufacturer of medical and dental supplies,maxill inc.

Does Ipana toothpaste still exist?

At present, the Ipana brand is a leading toothpaste in Turkey. In 2005, River West Brands, a Chicago-based brand revitalization company, re-introduced Ipana into the U.S. marketplace. River West Brands divested itself of Ipana by selling the brand and related IP to Maxill of Canada in October 2009.

What company made Ipana toothpaste?

Ipana was a popular toothpaste produced by the American Bristol-Myers Company from 1901 until the 1970s when its sales declined because of competition from other brands like Colgate.

When was Ipana toothpaste sold?

Perhaps some others of my vintage used it too. Bristol-Myers introduced Ipana in 1901 (and no, I did not start using it then). Ipana was a wintergreen-flavored toothpaste with sodium fluoride (a small percent) as its active ingredient.

When did Ipana toothpaste come out?

Ipana. Ipana was first introduced in 1901 by the Bristol-Myers Company and sponsored many radio programs of the day. Bristol-Myers gave up Ipana toothpaste with the advent of color television (and therefore advertising) and focused on pharmaceuticals.

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Do they still make tooth powder?

This age-old product was the precursor to toothpaste, but it fell out of favor decades ago. Even though it’s hard to find on store shelves, tooth powder is still available online and in specialty stores.

Do they still make Pepsodent toothpaste?

Pepsodent is an American brand of toothpaste with the minty flavor derived from sassafras. The brand was purchased by Unilever in 1942 and is still owned by the company outside of the United States and Canada.


Product type Toothpaste
Previous owners Pepsodent Company
Website Official website

Is gleem toothpaste still made?

Gleem is an American brand of oral hygiene products, including toothpastes and electric toothbrushes, owned by the Procter & Gamble company. It was introduced as a toothpaste in the United States in 1952 and discontinued in 2014. … In 2019, Procter & Gamble expanded the brand to include a line of electric toothbrushes.

When was Aim toothpaste invented?

Aim: a brand of toothpaste from Church and Dwight. Aim was introduced in 1973 by Unilever, and the brand was purchased by Church and Dwight in 2003. Aquafresh: available since 1973, it is manufactured by consumer healthcare product maker GlaxoSmithKline.

How many types of Crest toothpaste are there?

Crest Toothpaste has a total of eight product lines: Gum Health. 3D White. Kid’s Crest.

What type of animal is on the toothpaste commercial in Grease?

Bucky Beaver (voiced by Jimmie Dodd) was the marketing icon and mascot of Ipana commercials from the 1950s.

What is the oldest brand of toothpaste?

1873: The first commercially produced, nice-smelling toothpaste was launched by Colgate and sold in a jar.

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Which toothpaste get rid of cavity creeps?

Crest Gel Toothpaste Fights Off Cavity Creeps.