You asked: Are spotlight teeth whitening strips safe?

Made with non toxic and clean ingredients which are safe for daily use. Formulated with Hydrogen Peroxide the only clinically proven ingredient to effectivly whiten teeth. The strips work to removes stains that can be caused by tea, coffee and red wine, while protecting the tooth’s enamel and preventing tooth decay.

Are spotlight whitening strips safe?

Safe, effective teeth whitening in just 1 hour

Formulated with the active whitening ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide, these whitening strips will whiten and brighten your smile without causing sensitivity or harming tooth health.

Do spotlight whitening strips damage teeth?

Clinically formulated with active, clean ingredients, we suggest you used these strips for 1 hour each day for 14 days straight to see a real boost in your smile’s appearance without sensitivity or harm to the tooth health.

Is spotlight whitening good?

The strips’ work quicker than the recommended course of two weeks, as many found noticeable whitening after just eight days. The whitening itself was great and stretched to stains left by darker coloured food and drink, like coffee or wine.

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What are the negative effects of whitening strips?

By far, the two most common side effects people experience when using whitening strips (like Crest Whitestrips®) are 1) Tooth sensitivity and 2) Gum irritation. This page outlines remedies for both of these complications. Less frequently, a person may experience throat irritation, sore throat or even stomach upset.

How often should you use Spotlight teeth whitening?

Normally, we recommend repeating a full course every 6 months and try to top up every 3 months with generally 5 days worth.

Can you drink water while wearing teeth whitening strips?

The pores in your teeth will still be open and receptive to whatever you put in your mouth for some time after applying whitening strips, so you should work to avoid eating or drinking any dark-colored foods or drinks.

Can teeth whitening kits damage your teeth?

“Generally speaking, whitening kits are not harmful to your teeth,” explains Dr. Greg Scheier, DDS of Scheier Dental Group. “There are, however, potential temporary sensitivities, both in the teeth and gums, that may result from the use of both over-the-counter and dentist-administered whitening kits.”

What percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide is in spotlight teeth whitening strips?

The gel is placed in the trays, and then the trays are worn for one hour or overnight. The gels are 10 or 16% Carbamide Peroxide, which breaks down to form Hydrogen Peroxide.

Can I leave whitening strips on overnight?

No, do not wear Whitestrips overnight or while sleeping. These treatments are designed to be worn for the recommended usage time only. PLEASE do NOT brush immediately BEFORE applying your Crest Whitestrips.

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Should I brush my teeth after using Spotlight whitening strips?

Should I brush before or after using whitening strips? … Just brush the normally morning and evening.

How long does spotlight oral care last?

Normally, we recommend repeating a full course every 6 months and try to top up every 3 months with generally 5 days worth.

Do you brush your teeth before spotlight whitening strips?

Should I brush before or after using whitening strips? So you don’t need to brush your teeth immediately before you put your strips on. Just brush the normally morning and evening.

Why do my teeth look more yellow after whitening strips?

“When you’re whitening teeth, what you’re doing is increasing the porosity of the enamel temporarily (so the whitening agent can reach the discolored molecules in the teeth), so you’re actually more likely to stain your teeth again right after whitening,” explained Dr. Castilla.

Why are my teeth still yellow after whitening?

Teeth Color Truth

So if you have impeccable dental hygiene but your teeth are still yellow or return quickly to the less desired yellow color after whitening treatments it is most likely caused by what you are eating and drinking.

What happens if you leave whitening strips on too long?

It’s safe to brush your teeth after applying whitening strips. … Leaving them on for too long can cause tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and tooth damage. Your dentist can recommend the best whitening strips for your situation.