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9 12, 2016

Cavities on the Rise Among Utah Children

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Oral health among Utah children is a rising concern for the Utah Department of Oral Health. Despite these concerns, health officials say these issues are preventable. SALT LAKE CITY — It's hard enough to get 7-year-olds like Donavan Peterson to brush and floss — much less to keep them away from the soda and sweets [...]

10 06, 2014

When Should a Child First Visit the Dentist?

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When should I bring my newborn child in for his/her first visit?  I hear this question regularly from parents who want to take good care of their children.  The American Dental Association (ADA) Statement on Early Childhood Caries  ( ) states that it is advantageous for the first visit to occur within the six months [...]

11 11, 2013

Childhood Snoring & Other Sleep Disorders

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I recently read an article titled “Childhood Sleep Apnea”.  Apnea means “without breathing”, or insufficient breathing.  Between 20% and 50% of the pediatric and adolescent population may have a sleep disorder (  These are often undiagnosed because they can be difficult to observe, but it is considered a serious medical condition. Children and adolescents with [...]